Waves NLS Review – The Sound (Part 1)

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Hello and welcome to my Waves NLS Review. In this video-tutorial I’ll demonstrate the sound of an analog summing plugin made by Waves which is the main rival of Steven Slate’s VCC analog summing plugin.

I’ve got to say that I preferred the NLS over the VCC – and that’s pretty rare cause I freaking love the steven slate plugins – but this one got me really excited.

It’s pretty crucial to mention that Slate has published Version 2 of the VCC, so I suppose we’re going to have a new debate in the next few weeks.

In this first part, I just demonstrate the sound of each console and use the Drive with several positions: 1) Just a bit 2) Angrier 3) Let’s crash the drive!

In the 2nd part of the upcoming review, I am going explain the difference between the Dual Mono and Stereo settings. I love the Dual Mono setting, but for now let’s have a listen to the sound of this remarkable plugin!

Waves NLS Review – Watch In 1080p:

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Update: Part 2 is published Here!

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