Waves CLA Vocals Plugin – Mixing Vocals


Hello, today we will check out the Waves CLA Vocals Plugin. I will explain its controls and demonstrate its sound for you, so you can decide if its worth your money or not.

Its got vocal EQ, Compression, Delays and Reverbs, perfectly created to suit vocals.

It’s super easy to find a sound you’re looking with its presets and continue from there (never mix with presets blindly, but its good use to them as a starting point).

What also caught my attention was the musical labels that you can find in it. Instead of 2:1 ratio on the compressor it says Push, while the 10:1 ratio, where the compressor starts to act like a limiter, says Wall.

Enough talk, let’s hear in action!

Waves CLA Vocals Plugin – Watch in 1080p!

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