1176 Compressor Waves CLA Tutorial – Basics

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Welcome to the Waves CLA 1176 Compressor Tutorial. This is going to be a basics tutorial that will mainly show the controls of the cla-76 compressor.

In the video below, I assume you know the compression basics such as Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release. If not, please check out this tutorial first: Compression Tutorial.

If you do know the basics, please proceed to the video below. I’ve used my voice as a sample to help you understand the controls better and especially the ALL Ratios ON function.

This compressor is one of the most famous and most used compressor in almost everything, you can use it on drums, guitars, bass, and vocals, thus its super versatile and sounds really great.

Waves CLA 1176 Compressor – Watch in 1080p!

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