SSL Bus Compressor – Using Mix Bus Compression

Welcome to the SSL Bus Compressor Tutorial. In this video, we’ll talk about how to use mix-buss compression using not only the ssl compressor from waves, but also compress with any kind of compressor including your stock plugins.

The reason I’ll use the SSL for this guide is because many people asked me to, but this does not mean that the guide doesn’t apply to everyone. So feel free to watch it no matter if you own Waves plugins or not 🙂

SSL Bus Compressor Tutorial – Watch in 1080p

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Basic Notes

Just as I mention in the video, I add Gain Reduction (GR) at around -1 to -4 maximum.

Ratio 4 for hard genres such as hip-hop, rap and metal and 2 for softer genres (acapella songs and orchestras). A ratio of 10 is too much and dangerous for compression on our mix-buss.

Release is set to Auto mode. If your compressor does not have an auto mode setting, play with the release settings until the needle is dancing with the tempo of your song.

Threshold depends on the input gain that our compressor receives. The threshold varies on each mix and it’s used to determine the Gain Reduction. The threshold’s value alone is worthless.

Please watch the video above for a more detailed explanation and real-time examples.


Thank you for watching this tutorial, hope you liked it!

I’d like to add that it’s my personal choice to finish with drum & bass and then add my mix-buss compressor, but many people use it right from scratch, some others use it in the end and some others don’t bother using it at all.

It’s really up to you and your taste to make the final decision. Everything is correct and nothing is wrong as long as it sounds right. And if you don’t own the SSL compressor please just use your stock compressor on your master channel and let me know how it worked!

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