Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System – It’s Finally Here

I received an email yesterday, that really made my day. It was from Steven Slate about the Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System.

As the email mentions, the production stage took 2 years of testing in order for it to get completed, but it’s finally about to get published!

Here’s a screenshot of the email:

Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System

The Video:

What’s exactly the Slate Digital VMS Virtual Microphone System?

It’s really simple.

Audio engineers, producers, artists all over the world have chosen some microphones and put them in a legendary list. Each microphone sounded different, with each one producing a slightly different sound, giving it a specific color that no other gear could produce. The exact same thing occurs for the mic amplifiers.

Each sound was unique. Each microphone is being used for different but specific situations. If you had a pop female singer to record, then you’d choose that microphone which was used for this kind of purpose: Bright, airy pop sound. Metal or rap vocals that need warmth? Then switch the microphone and get that sound.

But there’s one huge problem. Home recording artists can’t afford to own each legendary microphone with each mic amplifier. You would need to spend around 5k for each combo and this isn’t ideal for the most of us. People, programmers and engineers tried to emulate the sounds, but there was an another huge problem…

There weren’t linear sounding mics.

Each microphone is producing a sound with its own characteristics. There was no microphone that you could sing into without it altering the real sound. So even if programmers could create software that could emulate the sound of the legendary microphones and amps, hardware was still an issue.

The True Power of The VMS

Steven Slate and his team finally managed to create both hardware and software needed to produce ultra linear sounding microphones and microphone amplifiers.

Now, instead of owning multiple microphones and amps, we can only own one combination of microphone and amplifier (the steven slate hardware combo) and then run this linear sound captured by this combo to our DAWs. Not only we’re saving a s**t ton of money, but we can also save time by changing the color of the vocals post-recording and not prior to recording.

All of us have captured that perfect take, only to realize that we can’t actually try out this exact take on an another combination. Now, since we’re recording through a perfect linear sounding hardware, we can actually try out ALL the microphones and amplifiers with the exact same perfect sounding take.

Not only that, but we can truly own multiple legendary sounding microphones in our DAW at the cost of one. Steven Slate if you’re reading this article, I am waiting for you to s**t up and take my money. 😀


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