mixing consoleIt’s perfectly logical by my side to give you the opportunity to check out my Mixing & Mastering skills.

For this reason I will regularly update this page and add more samples from time to time.

I will try to add tracks from many different Genres including Metal, Hip Hop, EDM and many other sub-genres.

Everything was mixed and mastered with this studio setup and plugins – zero hardware.

UPDATE 2016 – EDM by Senpai Records

EDM and Heavy Rock Samples:

Here are some recent dance songs that I’ve mixed and mastered.

Since I am more of a rock/metal guy I mainly mix and master songs from DJs, but not composing them from scratch, cause I simply suck at composing EDM music.

But I love to mix all genres so there you go!

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Rock Ballad:

Here’s a rock ballad that I’ve mixed and mastered.

Here’s a full mixing session of what plugins I’ve used to mix this particular song and why!

Mastering Sample & Tutorial:

Metal Example 1:

A recent mix of mine testing out PRO Custom Drums.

Metal Example 2:

This is a mix I created back in 2011. 

People liked it so I thought to post it here.

RnB – Hip Hop Sample

This is a track I’ve mixed and mastered back in 2010 finding unprocessed tracks online.

This was also a test trying to prove that even with the cheaper audio interfaces – $100 to $200 – you can get a really great sound. I also used software only for the same reason.

It’s better for me to re-mix and re-master it through better gear but I decided to publish it this way to let people know that it’s wiser to spend more time mixing rather than spending money for gear.

My mixing skills weren’t so good back then as you can hear, I could easily re-upload it but I don’t have the stems anymore.

What I did to the track:

  • Mixed the track.
  • Mastered the track.
  • Didn’t Record the track. I’ve used the stems I’d got online.

More Samples?

I will be updating the site with more and more samples so feel free to follow me on any social media website.

Right now I am working on some Trance and Metal songs so stay tuned!

Take care guys and talk to you soon.

If you wish to contact me feel free to do so here.

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