Multitracks – Practice Mixing Tracks To Download

Welcome, in this post you’ll find a list of websites that give you the freedom to download multitracks and practice mixing tracks – songs. It’s a great way to find high quality stems to download and practice your mixing skills.

While there are paid and free websites on the net, I’ll stick to the free ones for this post, cause they are more than enough for you to practice on.

Multitracks at Cambridge MT Music Technology

cambribge-mt-music-technologyCambridge MT has listed hundreds of songs waiting for you to get a practice on.

This is one of the websites I use when I share my video tutorials, cause there’s a high chance of finding some really nicely recorded stems in there.

There’s also a slight chance you may find a couple of songs that lacks in some quality but around 80% of the tracks in there, are really greatly recorded.

A huge plus, is that they have categorized the genres too, so you can download easier the genre that you want to practice mixing on.

mixoffThis is my personal and favorite forum for finding tracks from independent bands – musicians.

Since it’s a community and not just a downloads site, you will also find some categories dedicated to sharing your experience and exchanging mixing & music production tips.

I’ve created an account long time ago and I wonder why I haven’t been active so long.

Out all of the conversations I’ve read, even when someone disagrees I see respect between the members, which is a huge plus for me.

These guys know how put their egos aside, admit if they’re wrong and are willing to improve by helping each other.

I’ve also talked with the admin via e-mail and he seems like a really cool guy with passion for music, so I highly recommend you to join the boards.

ninremixesNine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor are one of my favorite bands – artists. I remember myself literally dancing to the drums of the “The Hand That Feeds” that was released in 2005.

When I found out that Trent decided to share multitracks of his albums I was like what for real? I immediately went and downloaded them from and started listening to the tracks.

I dragged and dropped the stems into my DAW and what I heard was the actual song just like on the radio, but broken in pieces for me to experiment. I was thrilled that such a famous and top-notch artist actually cared for his fans and for the home recording enthusiasts.

Listening to the finished – commercial solo tracks of his albums was the best music production lesson I have ever taken in my life. Hope more bands will do the same and help us recording enthusiasts grow and learn from their hits!

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