Landr Mastering Review – Robot Mastering?

Welcome to the Mastering A Song Online On Landr Mixgenius post. In this tutorial, I’ll test out an automatic online mastering service where a robot will master our music. Yes you read that right… A robot will master our music.

Well it’s not actually a robot it’s an algorithm. But can we trust this algorithm?

In the YouTube video below I will actually test out this algorithm and see if it’s actually worth our time or not. I am not a fan of robots mastering our music, but it’s going to be a pretty interesting test!

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Landr First Thoughts

Before actually using this algorithm I tried to actually comprehend how it works. I suppose this is the way this engine works:

  • Mimicking commercial frequency responses.
  • Mimicking commercial RMS levels for each genre.

Mimicking commercial frequency responses.

While the idea behind this is pretty awesome there’s a couple of problems that we may encounter. When we mimic a frequency response from a commercial song to our own song we can actually create fantastic results but also enhance problematic frequencies that had not been taken out in the mixing stage.

So it’s similar to the Izotope Matching EQ function but with the huge difference of always mimicking the response on a full 100% scale when compared to the commercial track. This can add an unnatural feeling to the sound, possibly degrading the audio quality rather than improving it.

Mimicking commercial RMS levels for each genre.

This idea is also pretty cool but if the mix is lacking proper dynamic control then by forcing the mix to hit the “desired” RMS levels then you might end up with a less punchier sound, less dynamics and less audio quality in general.

In some genres like EDM, Metal and Rap we don’t really care about dynamics.

These genres sound better with less dynamics to tell you the truth. But knowing when something is way too much is something that separates the commercial audio from the home recording audio… and an algorithm can’t do that.

Lack of Feeling

Mastering is not only about matching the RMS and the frequency responses of a commercial track to your song. It’s about breaking the rules, making changes that will make the track sound better not only sound wise but also emotional wise.

Final Thoughts

  • If you’d like to have some fun and have a quick listen of how your song would sound a bit better with a commercial frequency response and RMS meter then this service will suit you.
  • If your budget is limited then this service can help you out.
  • This service is totally random. You might get something totally awesome, but you can also get something worse and prefer to listen to your song without being mastered.
  • The better your song is mixed, the easier for the algorithm to deliver you satisfying results.

Even if it’s totally random the prices are so low that you can actually test it out without having any risk on landr here.

For an algorithm it’s pretty awesome what it can do. I’ll stick to human mastering for now, but this idea has some great potential.

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