How To Sing Better Like A Pro Even If You’re An Amateur

how to sing high notes properlyAs a singer, you may have found yourself constantly searching how to sing better and high notes properly.

You may have seen the way those popular music artists do their thing, making it look very easy. You, on the other hand, might have tried to sing high notes a few times during various performances and rehearsals but it had only ended up in disappointment.

No need to worry though. Everyone is able to learn how to sing better and reach high notes properly. Every single one. The people you see doing it are not super humans. With just a minimum effort you’d be able to churn out this kind of notes you’ve always desired.

Every singer, whether they’re amateur or professionals, loves the idea of being able to sing high pitch notes. And every singer, regardless of their vocal range, has the ability to take on these notes easily. But forcing yourself to sing high notes without someone to help you out, should be out of the discussion since doing this can negatively affect your voice.

If you’d love to master singing high notes or just sing better and safer when you’re performing live or at home, then there are certain things you should take into consideration. Many of those steps will be covered in this post.

We’ll leave the best tips in the last chapter, but let’s start from the basics!

How To Sing Better And Reach High Notes Properly

1. Start Easy

High notes should not be forced. Approach this with all seriousness but not as something that must be learned within a day or two. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race.

2. Understand The Basic Dynamics of Singing

Singing has a lot to do with the way you breathe. A singer is required to understand how the body system works together to produce the desired sounds.

Your posture, sitting or standing; the way you hold your head; the way you breathe while singing; all these can determine if you will be able to sing that high note or not.

For example, when some people are about to reach high notes in a song they will raise up their heads and look up. This is so wrong. With such movements while singing, you can only end up with a damaged voice.

3. Warm Up

When you are watching sports you will notice athletes don’t sit up in a place before their turns in any of the major events. Some will be walking up and down, some will be jogging back and forth. They are warming up. Warm-ups are so important for athletes and they have been trained to do this to prepare their body for their actual event. Warm-ups help a lot in preventing needless injuries.

Singing works the same way since it involves the use of the muscles of the throat. When you’ve got to sing high notes in a track, warm up your voice by humming the tune or use a falsetto to get the hang of the high notes.

Some vocal teachers even suggest massaging the face, the neck and shoulders to help relax these spots. (More about those teachers in a moment).

4. Know Your Vocal Range

how to sing better

Everyone has a specific vocal range. For most people, it is usually within 2 octaves but for many trained singers it falls within 3 or 4 octaves. If you will be singing high notes professionally then you must find out your voice range. This knowledge will let you know the kind of improvements you need to make and how to go about them.

For example, to reach high notes outside their voice range, singers are often advised to start in the middle of their voice range and then learn how to sing higher to reach the intended notes. Gradually expanding your vocal range is a basic but critical advice in reaching those notes that have been eluding you.

By expanding your vocal range one note at a time you will definitely reach your goals. It’s all about watching the lessons carefully and executing them properly.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water regularly is very important when you’re trying to sing high notes. Your throat must not be dry. Ice or cold water before a live show is a no-no since this won’t help your muscles warm up. You may still drink cold water (than no water) to stay hydrated in general situations though.

6. Listen To Your Body

Yes, you can actually do that!

As I’ve said before, a lot of things are happening in your body when you’re singing. For example, many professional singers find it difficult to reach certain notes when they have the flu. And for many female artists, they are not able to sing high notes during menstruation. Yet, these people can still work around this. Understanding your body is the key.

What you can do during times like these is to give your voice a rest and always ask a professional on what to do next which brings me to the next point…

7. Take Vocal Training Lessons To learn How To Sing Better & Higher Notes Properly

If you have been trying to learn how to sing better on your own and you don’t seem to be getting it, you can look for a music school in your local area or even better, enroll for an internet vocal training class.

In fact, if you’re going to be taking singing as a profession, then this is absolutely necessary. Even if you don’t take this seriously and you’d like to sing in your spare time, I still recommend you seek professional advice anyway, since you’ll protect your vocal chords from possible accidents this way.

It’s a huge plus to have someone guiding you step-by-step, making sure you do everything correctly. There are numerous online vocal training programs which you can join and participate in their private forums. You won’t believe the power we can have if we utilize the internet to our advantage. You can easily have your own personal teacher guiding you via a video tutorial or a live session!


I have covered all the basic things you need to know on how to sing better. Singing without the right techniques is like wearing ill-fitting shoes. They’ll get you to where you want to go but you won’t enjoy the walk.

If you want to take your singing to a new level or even if you just want to make sure that you take care of your vocal chords, then you must learn to execute the techniques properly. And if you want to look and actually sound like a professional, then please consider taking lessons on how to sing better… from a professional!

Make sure to check out the Superior Singing Method since it’s the best singing lesson you can find online nowadays. Keep practicing and there’s literally no reason to not succeed. Failure does not exist. Only success exists and it’s waiting for you to stop procrastinating and keep singing! I wish you have a wonderful day.

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