How To Promote Your Music On YouTube & Twitter On Complete Autopilot

Welcome to our post: How to promote your music on youtube & twitter on Complete Autopilot.

Update: The 2nd method below the 1st one is outdated, but I kept it online for educational purposes. The first one that you’re going to read right below is working flawlessly. Enjoy!

Method 1 (Working Flawlessly)

In this method, we’re going to talk about driving traffic / views to your YouTube channel and twitter account automatically, without lifting your finger. Once it’s setup, you then forget about it and it works by itself on complete autopilot.

Have you been one of those guys who upload a video or track then end up doing nothing other than logging in and hoping to get views or get viral out of nowhere? I’ve been there, and I can feel how it’s like to know you’ve uploaded some really great content only to be the only one enjoying it. It sucks.

So this method is really simple. This is the same method I’ve been following for some weeks now and as you can see on your left of your screen it’s truly working – bottom right if you’re reading on a smartphone – judging by the number of shares and the zero effort of mine, other than just setting this up in literally 5 minutes.

What we need to do is to 1. Find engaging people (don’t worry you won’t have to do anything manually) 2. Who are Interested in your genre 3. And make them follow you – it’s not as hard as it sounds and you’ll make no effort whatsoever. There’s nothing better than finding people who literally love ___ insert your genre here ___ and keep them as your followers forever.

I know that it might sound too good to be true to your ears, but if you give me only one chance to show you that this is the real deal, then I am sure you’ll thank me later 🙂 So, how do we gain followers on complete autopilot?

Its really simple. You need to find people who:

  1. Love being engaged in social media.
  2. Are 100% sure interested in your craft.
  3. And also make sure to not lift a finger, so that you’ll be able to invest your time in producing music – or drinking beers who am I to judge – rather than spending your valuable time in self promotion.

This is the perfect dream, isn’t it?

But it ain’t got to be a dream anymore, since I’ll show you step by step how to do it, right now.

Step 1. Get Your YouTube Profile Link

This is the easiest thing to do. Just click on My Channel.

how to promote your music 1

Grab your profile link from the URL area, it should be similar to mine:

It might even have a better looking name in its last part, but worry not since it’s working perfectly either way.

Step 2. Add Your Subscription Pop Up

At the end of your link add this: ?sub_confirmation=1

For example, my youtube profile link should now look like this:

This adds a really nice popup when someone visits your YouTube profile page which increases the subscription ratio by a mile. If someone is already subscribed to your channel it’s not gonna show up which is awesome.

Here’s an example of how it looks like:

how to promote your music 2

Step 3. Tweet The Link And Pin It

Tweet the link that we just created on step 2 above and pin it.

Say whatever you wish, but make sure to use the link we just created above, since it makes a huge difference as we said above.

Here’s an example of what to say: Follow me on my official youtube channel here! (insert the link we’ve just created). Also add an image to your tweet for some eye candy.

Then pin your tweet to the top.

how to promote your music 3

Step 4. Understanding The Strategy

Now we’re ready to promote ourselves. But before we do that, let’s see the strategy that we’ll follow. As we’ve said, we need to find people who are proven to be active on social media and interested in our genre.

For this example, I’ll pretend to be a rapper who wants to promote his music, but this works for all the genres and everything that you can imagine. It even works for non-music projects, so allow your mind to pop some ideas.

How can we find both active and targeted audience, you may ask?

We can only do this by implementing these 2 simple techniques below.

  • Engage with the followers of your competitors.

What’s a competitor? A competitor is someone who’s got a group of followers in a specific “category” similar to yours. Since, for this example, I am a rapper, I’d like to find people who are interested in rap music, of course. By engaging with the fans of my rap competitors I am 100% sure that I won’t waste my time with people who are not interested in my music.

In short: If someone is following a rapper, then he loves rap. Simple.

  • Engage with the active followers of your competitors.

Not only this is the best way on how to promote your music on youtube and twitter at the same time, finding ultra-targeted audience, but I’ll also show you how you can make sure that this audience is active on twitter too. Just because someone likes rap, does not mean he’s engaged on Social Media. You don’t want to engage with inactive twitter or youtube accounts which users abandoned.

You want 1. Ultra Targeted People and at the same time 2. Active people. We can do this by not only engaging with the followers of your competitors, but also engage with the re-tweeters of your competitors (people who re-tweet the posts of your competitors). This is a huge footprint that not only they love rap, but they also love being active on rap related social media. Bingo. 🙂

  • Engage with people based on your hashtag.

This is really powerful since you can engage with people found in a hashtag such as #rap #dnb #rock #eminem (etc.). Can you imagine the possibilities and the power behind this technique?

Enough with the theory, it’s time to set it up and see how these ideas work in real time.

Step 5. Implementing The Strategy With Step-By-Step Images

As I’ve mentioned, you won’t need to spend any time of your life to do any promotion, except these 5 minutes for this setup.

Now, let’s set up the system which will take care of your promotion on autopilot.

I highly recommend you to follow the steps with me now, let’s begin.

a) Click the image below

how to promote your music 4

b) Connect your account

how to promote your music 5

c) Set Up Your Competitors

how to promote your music 6

Here add a couple of competitors. Let’s say that my music is influenced by Linkin Park, so I want people who like Linkin Park.

Feel free to add your own influences / competitors. Allow me to show you how I add Linkin Park, for this example, so that you can go ahead and do the same for your own genre.

d) Click the Discover button

how to promote your music 7
Click to enlarge

As you can see, there are many accounts with the words “Linkin Park” in them. Obviously, we want to target the followers of the official twitter of Linkin Park, which is the first one with the 5.231.964 followers.

The other twitter accounts must be fan pages. Do not underestimate the fan pages. If someone followed a fan page of their favorite artist, this is a huge indication that they might be even more active on Twitter and crazier about the same genre of music as you’ve got to offer.

So, for this example, I would add the official Linkin Park account, LPLive with 44.146 followers and maybe LPFltwit with 18.196 followers by hitting the blue icon.

You can do the same for more artists.

I usually add 2-3 competitors (their official accounts) along with a couple of their fan pages. I follow a total of 4 to 8 twitter accounts MAX to speak the truth, since we should prefer quality over quantity here. The more targeted the followers, the better.

e) Click the Tweet Activity button

how to promote your music 8

This is powerful. You can engage with people that have searched and taken action in a specific #hashtag.

For my example, I could easily target people who follow the tag #linkinpark #rock #poprock and anything that matches your purpose.

When done, click Save.

f) Increase Limits

how to promote your music 9

Did you notice that it also says Unfollows? This is awesome since the system will remove people that won’t follow you back without you doing anything.

With 10 follows per day you’ll connect with 10×30 = 300 people per month.

I highly recommend you to increase the limits at 200 follows per day as I’ve done, since 200 x 30 = 6.000 targeted people per month are going to make you popular really faster than just 300 people per month.

Step 6. Sit Back & Relax

Congratulations, you’ve finished setting up everything. It was that easy.

You can now enjoy your life while leaving your music promotion taking care of itself on complete autopilot.

Let’s recap.

Here’s our brand new strategy:

how to promote your music 10

Get Your Free PDF Version Of This Guide

This is it! Nothing else to do here, just leave the system do the hard work while you enjoy your life.

If you want faster results I highly recommend you to increase your sending limits. It’s definitely better to engage with 6.000 people per month than with just 300 people per month.

Feel free to share this guide with your friends or even download a completely Free PDF version for you to read on all your mobile devices.

I’ve granted you the rights to share the PDF version too, without having to buy the guide or even pay me for any license for copyrights. Sharing is caring.

I hope you enjoyed this. If you’d like to show some appreciation for my work, you may follow me on Patreon.

Thank you very much for reading and don’t forget to download your PDF version right below:

Method 2 – Kept For Educational Purposes Only – Not Working

how to promote your music on youtubeHow To Get Real & Targeted YouTube Views and Subscribers – On Autopilot

“This guide is not about buying fake views or any other kind of similar actions”


In this guide, I am going to show you how to get Real YouTube Views & Subscribers to your videos and promote your youtube channel – on autopilot.

This guide is NOT about buying fake views and subs. We’re talking about 100% Real people that will:

  • Comment on your videos
  • Subscribe to your channel
  • May watch your ads – if you’ve enabled them
  • Keyword Targeted – they will be interested in your subject, no matter what.
  • Active Youtubers – We’ll engage people that have commented on videos similar to yours and are proven to be a) interested in your content b) active youtubers – because they’re active in the comment section.
  • You won’t even have to open your computer for this to work. It’s just a set and forget method.


This is 100% Adsense Safe. Even if you are a certitied youtuber, this is going to work. You don’t need to be a tech-savvy person in order to make this work.

What we’re going to do is as easy as turning on our computer.

I highly recommend you follow the steps with me. I’ve also added images to make it even easier for you to follow along.

I know you’re here to make your channel noticeable so… Let’s get started, shall we?

Pro Tip: At the end of this guide you can find proof that this is working for my personal channel. I even log in to prove that’s it’s actually mine. Let’s continue 🙂

1. Target Your Audience

how to promote your music on youtube 1

For this example, I pretend to be a hip hop producer that wants to promote his hip hop track. I want to target people that search on youtube: best hip hop songs

You can use any kind of keyword, depending on your situation. If you want to promote your channel with make up tutorials then do this:

Type make up tutorials and do not hit Enter.

You’ll see youtube giving you some keywords that most people search.

Choose 5 of them – choose the ones that you think will work best. It’s really easy, all you have to do is to think like a visitor/customer that are looking for your videos.

Take me as an example…

I typed best hip hop songs and I chose these 5 keywords:

  1. best hip songs 2014
  2. best hip hop songs
  3. best hip hop songs 2015 – this is missing from the list but I am sure it will get more views since we are on 2015 now 😉
  4. best hip hop 2015
  5. best hip hop 2014

These are some keywords that my audience is searching.

These are ultra-targeted keywords, meaning that people are actually looking for my video and I will just simply give them what they’re looking for.

2. Create A Free Account

how to promote your music on youtube 2

TubeAssist is the system we’re going to use that is accepted by youtube and is used by thousands of certified YouTubers.

Plus, it was built from the ground up following YouTube’s TOS and runs using their public programming API.

You can’t get safer than this. This is ultra safe since you’re looking how to promote your music on youtube.

3. Connect Your YouTube Account(s)


In order to connect your account, all you have to do is to click Add -> I have the Channel login & password, as shown in the image above.

I’ve connected 3 youtube accounts of mine, but I greyed them out for obvious reasons 🙂

When you click the “I have the Channel login & password” button, youtube will ask your permission to add your account to TubeAssist.

This is proof that YouTube recognizes tubeassist and the fact that they can work together shows the legitimacy of this system.

For this step to be completed, just click accept/allow everything YouTube is asking for, so the communication between them can start flawlessly.

4.  Set Up Your Campaigns

how to promote your music on youtube 4

Click Add Campaign as shown in the image above.

how to promote your music on youtube 5

There are 4 campaigns. Each account can use all of them at once (optional).

For now, we’re going to use the most used one and my personal favorite. Share Video or Playlist is my absolute favorite.

I am going to guide you how to set up this one and the other ones work the same with some minor differences, that I’ll also explain in a moment.

So click Share Video or Playlist and you’ll get this image:

how to promote your music on youtube 6

Remember the keywords we got before?

Now it’s time to copy-paste them in the fields. Yes, it’s that easy. Let’s move on!

how to promote your music on youtube 7

Now, all we have to do is to select our video from the My Video field – since your account is connected the videos will be waiting for you to select them.

Alternatively, you can copy-paste the URL of your video, but I believe the 1st option is easier.


4.b. Messages

Now it’s time to add our Message.

I use a formula that works pretty much for every video/keyword and it’s proven to make people click and watch your video (that’s what we want right?) and I’m going to share the formula with you, right now.

The Message:

Hey, I see you’re interested in <your subject> and I’d be excited if you could check out mine – I put lots of hard work to it! You can check it out here:

The Message with my Hip Hop Example:

Hey, I see you’re interested in hip hop songs and I’d be excited if you could check out mine – I put lots of hard work to it! You can check it out here:

You can easily change this, it does not have to be the exact same message but please pay attention to some critical points:

  • It’s not boring and gets to the point
  • It’s got a CTA (Call To Action) sentence in the end.

Words like “check it out here” , “watch my video here” , “Comment here” are call-to-action sentences and they improve clicks dramatically.

A fantastic trick to add to the message:

You can also make TubeAssist post a different message, plus keeping the meaning the same.

How can you do that?

It’s really easy… You just tell it to use a different synonym randomly. This will generate lots of sentences.

For example, we can tell it to post:

Hey OR Hi OR Hello there OR What’s up…

If we replace OR with this symbol | (which still means or) we get something like this:

Hey | Hi | Hello there | What’s up

Now let’s use brackets to close the sentence.

{ Hey | Hi | Hello there | What’s up }

Now tubeassist knows that each time it will need to post a message, it will generate randomly a new sentence.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, you don’t have to add all these synonyms by yourself. I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Just copy – paste the text below 🙂

Here’s the full and final message including the synonyms:

{Hey|Hi|Hello there|What’s up|Hello}, I {see|can see} you’re {interested in|serious about|enthusiastic about|excited by|intrigued by|excited about} hip hop songs, and {I’d|I would|i will} be {thrilled|happy|excited} if {you could|you may|you may choose to|you could possibly|you are able to|you could actually|you might} check out mine – I put lots of {hard work|time and effort|dedication|time and energy} to it! You can check it out here:

Just replace hip hop songs and add your own subject/keywords and copy-paste it in the Message field. Feel free to change the message a bit If you feel you’ll get more clicks/views to your video, but don’t forget to use a Call-To-Action word.

Always be gentle and kind, but to the point.

Click Save Changes and go for a walk, watch a movie or anything you’d love to do.

5. Explaining The Differences Of Each Campaign

how to promote your music on youtube 8

  • Share Video or Playlist: My absolute favorite and a must. Connects with your targeted viewers direct
  • Comment on Videos: This is just like the share video or playlist campaign, but it comments in public. This can bring lots of extra targeted people to your video and works even greater with the tip I showed you above. You can set this up the same way you do with the Share Video or Playlist campaign.
  • Subscribe to Channels: People subscribe back when you subscribe to them, thus you get more views and attention. You can set this up and if someone won’t subscribe back in 2 weeks, tubeassist automatically removes them! You can also make it remove them even if they do subscribe back, but I consider this a bad move, so I always select to stay subscribed if they do to.
  • Send Message: This is a brand new feature that I don’t normally use. It’s like the Share Video or Playlist campaign but it gives you 60 more posts per day, but the only drawback is that you need to have your computer on , while the others are 100% on the cloud.

Did I mention anything about the internal anti-spam system?

Well, when you send something to someone it gets added to a “do not bother” list, so he won’t be contacted again plus each campaign allows ~360 connections per day.

It will not surpass this 360 to 450 per day limit, because it’s built that way to comply with youtube’s TOS. Absolutely amazing.



I am a person that loves to show proof, so I am going to show you that this is working. This is the best ways on how to promote your music on youtube and twitter in 2017 and 2018!

You know, my main love is to make people aware of stuff that will improve their life, but this isn’t my one and only love.

I am a also a music producer, rock/metal and epic-cinematic music fan (you know the kind of music we hear on trailers) and I thought…

“Since I know my job so well, why don’t I use youtube to make some extra money by helping others for free? I’d love to help others for free! But I ‘ve got one problem though… I’ve got no marketing knowledge and I’ll have no views and even if I had the knowledge to do so… I have no time ‘cause I can’t stop composing music – I need to find something that’s effective and does everything on autopilot”.

And then I’ve found this perfect solution, so I could reach you guys and let you know about my free lessons.

I set up my campaigns and these are some of the comments I’ve got from people:

how to promote your music on youtube 9

how to promote your music on youtube 10


how to promote your music on youtube 11


how to promote your music on youtube 12

As you can see these are some comments of people that have been connected directly with me without me doing no promotion at all, but rather spending my time creating free lessons for you, while other people are trying to rank for keywords.

Ranking for keywords takes weeks or even months. And it’s really hard if you want to learn how to promote your music on youtube and twitter.

I am not saying that ranking for keywords is a bad thing, actually I find it to be a good thing but… We are always trying to rank while we forget the most important stuff. Connect with others!

We ‘re humans, we have languages, we have minds, we can communicate.

We tend to over-complicate things for no reason, while the solution is right in front of our eyes.

Talking about ranking…

People are spending tons of money to rank for keywords. I know it seems crazy but they do. And this is really not a cool way on how to promote your music on youtube.

The competition out there is huge and people are acting like wolves stalking their prey (keywords) so they can get the best possible traffic.

They’re trying to “trick” the youtube ranking algorithm by sending fake views, favorites and likes and this isn’t a clever way on how to promote your music on youtube and social media.

So that youtube thinks that a video is more popular than another, since it’s getting views, thus place it higher in the search results.

I was always against that, ranking is tempting, but I find this unfair for others.

Not only that, but what if my “ranking procedure“ failed miserably and all of my money went straight to trash?

Or even worse… What if youtube finds out that I am trying to trick the algorithm and ban my video? These are the most used reasons I will never buy fake views and better stick to websites like TubeAssist that’s officially approved by youtube. This is the best way on how to promote your music on youtube. Better stay safe!

But you know what? I got ranked on 1st Page!

Since I engaged my viewers directly and saw real views coming on my video, I outranked the other videos with their fake views.

You know why?

‘Cause of my real comments!

Youtube was fed up with all of these videos with fake views and no comments and changed their ranking algorithm – (I saw some improvement in my videos and googled about it).

Now it does not matter if you’ve got THOUSANDS of views – it doesn’t matter if you want to know how to promote your music on youtube in 2017.

Youtube now ranks your videos according to your video activity. Real comments now beat thousands of fake views! Well done youtube!

And for the above reason, I ranked for a keyword that I would be thrilled to be on page 1. Check this out:

Update: This picture below is old, now I’m not 4th in position on 1st page, but I’m 2nd in position on 1st page!

how to promote your music on youtube 14

I rank 4th (old now ranking 2nd).

Not bad for 0 work from me, since tubeassist does all the work for me on autopilot and it’s the best assistant on how to promote your music on youtube!

Mission Complete: Now that you know how to promote your music on youtube and twitter, I can spend all my time mixing, composing and creating free tutorials for you.

And there you have it. My whole marketing strategy on how to promote your music on youtube in a step-by-step Guide. You now know how to promote your music on youtube.

Let’s sum up in bullets the best ways on how to promote your music on youtube and twitter.


How To Promote Your Music On YouTube & Twitter On Complete Autopilot

  • 100% Real Views & Subscribers – Not real-looking ones but real. You’re going to receive real comments too, which is a great tip on how to promote your music on youtube.
  • Keyword Targeted Viewers – If you’re targeting people that are searching, for example, “best new pop songs” you can do thi It works for any keyword of your liking, of course.
  • Doesn’t Use Up Any Resources On Your Computer – Shut down your pc (or mac). It will still work for you 24/7.
  • Markets Your YouTube Channels While You Sleep – Spend your time on better things rather than spending it on youtube marketing… (family, vacation, movies, beer with friends, etc).
  • 100% Safe – This is used by thousands of certified YouTubers and was built from the ground up following YouTube’s TOS and runs using their public programming API. Can’t get safer than this.

Now that you know what we’re talking about, you can on How To Promote Your Music on YouTube:

  • Create a free account
  • Watch it works – VIDEO Version
  • Read Testimonials of official and certified youtubers


Feel free to share with your friends.
This Guide – PDF is free to share and use.

To your Music Success, Paschalis

How To Promote Your Music on YouTube – On Autopilot

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10 thoughts on “How To Promote Your Music On YouTube & Twitter On Complete Autopilot

  1. Jason Reply

    You need a paid membership in order to start your CampaignsYour Comments

    Plans start at $9/month

    I taught this was free

    • Paschalis Post authorReply

      So what you’re asking is something that will work for you 24/7 for free?

      I mean, don’t get me wrong, but these guys have created something that is working for you non-stop and if you want to respect their programming time, also including their server fees (’cause this is working on the cloud using their computers and internet, not yours) then I am sure $9 is a steal compared to what you’re getting.

      You will possibly need more than $9 per day and not per month if you would hire someone to do all these manually 😀

      Plan does not start at $9, you’ve got full features for $9.
      One account is completely fine, unless you’ve got 10 youtube accounts but who has time creating videos for 10 channels?

      Sorry if I sound weird, but I don’t like it when people ask other peoples sweat for free.

      Anyone who is serious about their channel would go and invest those 14.70 dollars.

      I’ve been using this for 2 years and got from the company a coupon that cuts 25%OFF so if you still feel that $9 is much, then I hope this will help you.

      I would easily invest more than $14 to this, this is my marketing solution and I really don’t do anything.

      I have all the time to create tutorials and enjoy your conversations.

      If you’re serious about your channel, go for it, you won’t regret it

      You can thank me later 😀


  2. Jason Reply

    No worries its just that they were no mention of it in the artical thats why i ask, can you just pay for 1 mt to try it out

  3. Lex Reply

    Splendid timing Paschalis!, I’m trying to get my head round all this at the moment. Great article to get the brain in the right place.

  4. oj Reply

    This is good it sounds nice i will try it later but i cant stop saying thanks so much for the info Have a wonderful time and remain blessed i am from Nigeria.
    Bye and stay blessed

  5. Gary Reply

    Hello, how much to have you do this for this artist. Russellrcharlesmusic [at] gmail [dot] com

  6. Barakha Reply

    It doesn’t matter how much you involved in producing your videos; if you are not marketing & promoting your youtube videos, your channel will never be viewed by the bulk of your target viewers.

    Actually, I was making so many common mistakes while promoting my youtube videos on my channel. But I followed Youtube SEO guidelines most of which is shown by your information here, and now I am getting a solid result for getting views & to my youtube channel. The one that really grabbed my attention, it’s the adding the targeted keywords at the beginning of the headline and the ideal use of video tags in YouTube Videos. Although I’ll continue working on optimized descriptions. Furthermore, by understanding this article, I got some more ideas. I would implement and see its further effect.

    I own newly started a youtube channel and soon having 4K subscribers, this article encouraged me to understand the exact tactics of youtube. I have got now many ideas about youtube promotion that advised me a lot to promote a video in Youtube channel. Thank you for sharing the article… Keep vlogging & sharing such informative articles.

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