Haas Effect Tutorial

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haas-effectHaas Effect is a technique that can be used to trick your ears that you’ve recorded something twice and panned it Left and Right to your stereo field.

You may now think “why can’t we just duplicate the track twice and pan them 100% Left and Right?”.

Unfortunately, this won’t work and I’ve explained here why duplicating the track would still sound Mono no matter what panning you’re gonna use.

Of course, nothing beats re-recording the same part twice and spreading it to the stereo field, but if you’re just a mixing engineer and don’t have the opportunity to re-record, then the Haas Effect is your best bet.

And the best part of it? You need absolutely zero plugins. Enjoy!

The Video

In this video I’ll show you an example of:

  • How to apply the Haas Effect
  • How the audio sounds with the Haas Effect On and in MONO
  • How the audio sounds with the Haas Effect On and in STEREO

Haas Effect Tutorial – Watch in HD:

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