Guitar Rig 5 Metal Presets Series – 5150 Tone

This is the first preset of the Guitar Rig 5 Metal Presets Series and I am going share with you my 1st custom guitar rig metal preset, using the Van 51 amp or simply the 5150 amp.

This preset can be used in a mix, as you can see in the video, but to tell you the truth it needed lots of post-process to make it work.

The Preset:

Download here

Important: Just because I will share the exact settings of each plugin does not mean that you will need to follow blindly the settings on each mix of yours. Plus, if you’re going to use the exact settings for a different project with your own guitar chances are that your sound will differ (guitar wood and new strings do alter the sound). You can download and import your preset if you like and my recommendation is to use it as a starting point and go from there. Feel free to share your presets or ask for presets here. Have fun!

Guitar rig 5 metal presets – The Video:

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Guitar Rig 5 Preset Location – Folder

Just copy-paste the preset(s) inside:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Guitar Rig 5\Sounds

Then Click Scan for New Presets in the Options Tab as shown in the image below:

guitar rig 5 scan preset folder


You can easily jam with the preset and the cab that I shared above.

You don’t need to dig that deep (that even Adele can’t roll) to the sound if you just want to jam and have some fun.

If you want to make the guitar to work in the mix then keep on reading!

I needed some extreme processing to make the preset sit in the mix but I finally made it.

You may see some plugins that you may not own but that’s really not a problem, since you can use stock EQs and compressors to get the job done.

The reason I am using them is because I am used to their workflow, feel free to use the plugins that you are familiar with.

The Plugin Chain

Guitar Rig 5 Metal Presets 1

Here I compressed some of the low mids, to make the palm mutes tighter and more consistent in volume.

I used my stock multi-band compressor plugin, you can use yours it does not matter which plugin, as long as you can compress a specific frequency band.

Guitar Rig 5 Metal Presets 2

I removed the low and high end to leave room for the bass and the hats. I also removed some annoying resonances.

Guitar Rig 5 Metal Presets 3

I boosted some high mids at 3k (4db in this case) and a 2db at 200khz to give some body.

Guitar Rig 5 Metal Presets 4

Then I removed some mud with a narrow Q and removed some high end.

Guitar Rig 5 Metal Presets 5

Finally a compressor to kick in only during palm mutes (maximum 1db of Gain Reduction)

Guitar Rig 5 Metal Presets 6

And some final limiting to kill some transients that’d got nothing musical to offer, just stealing headroom. Maximum 1db of GR.

Final Thoughts

As you can see the chain here is pretty overwhelming. The fact that we’re using all these plugins though does not mean that it’s too much.

In most of our plugins in this chain, we’re using minimum process with 1db differences. These subtle changes can help the guitar cut through the mix better.

We did use lots of EQ unfortunately cause that’s the problem with the digital guitar amps. We need to cut lots of annoying resonances to make them mixable (if there’s a word like this).

As mentioned in the beginning, this is not a “holy” chain that should be followed blindly. Always trust your ears.

Right now I am in the middle of researching amp software that can give us a commercial sound with less post-process, wish me luck, I’ll keep you updated!

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