Full Mixing and Mastering Tutorial – Plugins Only

mixing and mastering tutorialHere’s my first Full Mixing and Mastering Tutorial using plugins only.

I show you every simple plugin that I use for each track and I also talk about why I used it.

No matter what DAW you’re using, being Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton or FL Studio (etc) the concept is exactly the same.

Mixing and Mastering Tutorial – Watch in 1080p!

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Something To Notice

The stems were taken from the ReThink mixing course from Graham.
I’ve bought it, I was curious to check it out.

Also I’ve found the original song here (it’s not my mix):

Well, I hope I could send you the mixing stems to let you mix step by step, but I am not sure I can do that, it would be stupid of me to make the files public for download when graham sells them so…

But I am sure it’s not wrong to show you my way of mixing this track and thought procedure.

You can still though, buy his course and check out his way of mixing and the plugins he’s using and also download the stems.

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4 thoughts on “Full Mixing and Mastering Tutorial – Plugins Only

  1. Aman Reply

    I have a few problems while the mastering and mixing down of projects.
    Can you please help me with these
    Like When I give the final master, the client is happy with the track but they say that the voice is not coming out loud and clear. I don’t know what should I Do
    Please reply soon…
    Thank You

    • Paschalis Post authorReply

      Is the client happy before the mastering? Maybe the mixing wasn’t good enough, but in order to know what’s wrong I will need to hear first 🙂

      Please create a new thread at the forums and I will reply to you 100%:

      Don’t forget to add a couple of private soundcloud links so we can hear what’s happening in there, and help 🙂

  2. catalinciuculescu Reply

    Thanks 🙂 This song was the best choice. Very nice sound! Bless you

  3. Yemi Adeleke-ige Reply

    Hi, have read a bit about your informations, it quite make sense to me, however, I want to purchase the mixing and mastering tutorial but don’t run PayPal account except master card. What can you do me. Thanks

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