EQ Tutorial – What An Equalizer Is, Why We Need It And Its Controls [Part 1]

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The Equalizer is one of the top 3 critical tools in mixing. It can make or break a mix.

How many hours/days have you spent tweaking knobs and wondering if you did the right thing and if the sound is better or worse after your EQ?

A lot of people are confused by right Equalization so I wanted to break it down step by step, in this EQ tutorial.

What You Will Learn

  1. Exactly what an EQ does
  2. When and Why we need it
  3. Learn what each Control and Knob does
  4. The difference between the Volume Fader and the Equalizer
    (something simple but overlooked but many)
  5. High Pass Filter (HPF), Bell, Shelf…
  6. Everything explained in simple words

EQ Tutorial Basics

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