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ear training software train-your-ears-eq-editionWelcome to Ear Training Software – Train Your Ears EQ guide.
In this post I will show you my personal ear training methods.

May I ask you something?

No matter how much money you spend on plugins and gear…

If you don’t know when the sound is considered “good” or “bad”,
do you really think that your mixes will improve?

I hope you’ve answered “Nope”.

The best mixing tool is something that is the one and only responsible for your sound and…

It’s free and it’s a true gift. Your own earsNot plugins – not gear.

Just like an EQ or a Compressor if you don’t know how to use it, if you don’t know what is considered to be “right” or “wrong”, then your mixes will never improve.

It doesn’t matter if the EQs – Compressors – Reverbs are paid or free. It does not even matter if you own analog or digital gear.

The exact same theory works for your ears.

If you don’t train your ears to actually know what the right commercial sound is, then how do you expect to create a commercial sound for your songs?

When I first started my home recording journey I was spending all my money for gear hoping that my sound will improve.

Truth was that my gear was fine. What really needed improvement were my ears.

Ear Training Software – Train Your Ears EQ Edition

Train your ears EQ Edition is the ear training software you can get to improve your ears and understand EQ.

I use it every day to practice and understand EQ easier.

I spend around 10 minutes minimum per day to practice and I have to say that I start to recognize frequencies easier and quicker.

It’s a really fantastic program that runs on both mac and pc and will help us music producers and engineers to mix and master easier.

Watch in Action!

Download Here


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  1. Scott

    October 13, 2015 10:52 pm

    A lot can be said about the overall recording equipment for those of us on low budget. That’s why I think we compensate with plug ins.


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