Drum Room Mic Mixing

drum-room-mic-mixingHello in this mini guide I’ll give you my personal drum room mic mixing tips and techniques.

Note: As always, when I share my chains – settings, I advise you to bypass the plugins to actually hear if you’re improving the sound or not. Sometimes, out of the 5-6 plugins I recommend, 3 or 4 might be enough for your mix. This entirely depends on how the track is sounding without any FX on it. I will share everything I use though, so you can experiment with everything and let your ears decide what to keep or not.

Drum Room Mic EQ Mixing

The Room Mics can be useful for adding some low end to the drums. You main aim here is to blend the mics gently. And by gently I mean using a low pass filter in order to remove the crazy cymbal bleed.

Then remove the mud that can be found around 200Hz to 400Hz. Then cut around 600Hz to 800Hz to remove “flatness”.

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the junk frequencies it’s time to “steal” some low end, use a low shelf and boost around 100Hz.

It’s Compression Time


Our aim is to make the signal as steady as possible and compress it like hell so we can get an awesome compressed sound out of it.

If you have the plugin above (click image) then feel free to use it and even copy most of the settings up there. For Ratio: ALL button engaged, quick attack, slow release. Compress to taste.

If you don’t have this plugin don’t worry, any compressor will work with the above similar settings. Just slap the ratio above 8:1, compress like hell and you will be ready to blend the track with the drum kit.

Back To EQ

Now that you’ve compressed like a maniac the cymbals will pop up. Feel free to go back to your Equalizer and be more extreme with your low pass filter.

Also create a new frequency band and feel free to cut any offending resonances near the filter.

That’s all for now my dear followers, have a nice day and I’ll be back soon with more mixing and mastering lessons.

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  1. Robert_ Reply

    Yo, on an 1176 the attack and release times are backwards. Your picture is slow attack, fast release. 1 = slowest, 7 = fastest.

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