Best Vocal Mic For Home Recording: Under $350

Today I’ll share with you my beloved microphones that give you a commercial sounding sound with less than $350. The first mic below is being used by many famous producers and singers, including Serj Tankian by SOAD and it’s the best vocal mic in this price range.

In this post I’ll show you my favorite mic that can be used in home studios even without proper room acoustics. It doesn’t matter if your room sound sucks, they will work properly. The reason is that it won’t absorb the sound of the walls but still will give you that wide and warm condenser mic sound.

Best Vocal Mic For Home Recording: Under $350


This is it my friends. I am drooling. Behold the all-mighty Shure SM7b.

Can you read the Legendary Vocal Microphone on the box? I thought it was a marketing technique to make me spend my money.

But it wasn’t. It really is legendary.

Why do I love this microphone? Here’s why:

  • Robust – Throw it out of the window, hit your annoying brother with it. The mic will continue to work (not sure about your brother though).
  • Supreme Sound – It has the sound of a condenser microphone without the drawbacks of a condenser microphone.
  • Versatile – Male vocals. Female Vocals. Harsh vocals. Soft vocals. Guitar cabinets. Bass guitar cabinets. This microphone will give you an awesome sound.
  • Price for Value – This is the best money ever spent on vocals. I would easily give more than $1.000 for this microphone.
  • Works everywhere – If your room sound sucks and it’s untreated, but still want to get a rich and full sound, then this is the mic for you.
  • Popfilter – This black thing above it is a pop-filter that works wonders. You can easily replace it or remove it as a whole and add your own pop filter for experimentation.
  • Sexy as hell – Just look at it. Look at it!
  • It’s a steal – I suppose the guys from Shure woke up one day and said suddenly: “Let’s give more quality with less money to our people, do you think this will sell?”. I say yes, it will work for shure (see what I did there?).

Famous Artists & Labels Use The Shure Sm7b

If my love for this mic doesn’t give you enough proof to get this mic – and you should be ashamed for hurting my feelings by the way – then let me show you the love of some famous producers and artists.

Let’s start with one of my favorite singers, producers and music makers from across the world.

Serj Tankian of the System of a Down band.

John Paul White of The Civil War – Grammy Award (about 7:28 in).

Sammy Hagar on an SM7B – About 4:50 in.

More Astounding Artists…

  • Michael Jackson
  • James Hetfield
  • Bob Dylan
  • Chris Cornell
  • Sheryl Crow
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • John Mayer
  • Rob Halford
  • Liam Gallagher

Final Words

I don’t care if you’ve got a store near you or not. Don’t listen to it. Don’t even test it. Just get it and feel accomplished as a human and as an audio engineer for adding this microphone to your collection. There’s no way you won’t use it somewhere since it’s so damn versatile.

If $350 is a bit high for your budget I am in the process of creating the best microphones under $110 post, link will be updated so stay tuned!

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