Best Studio Headphones For Mixing & Mastering

Welcome to the Best Studio Headphones For Mixing & Mastering post. Today I’ll show you the most popular and trusted headphones to mix and master music in 2015.

I will recommend 3 major studio headphones in this post.

These are the main points I’ve taken into account while creating this list:

  • True sound – By true sound, I mean that the sound the headphones are producing for you should not be exaggerated in any way. Bass, low-mids, high-mids and highs should be as balanced as possible. For example, if you mix through headphones that’d got way too much loud bass, then you’ll find out that your mix lacks bass on other systems (car, hi-fi speakers, etc).
  • Cost – When I consider to get a new piece of hardware I always try to get the best possible value for price gear. For this specific post, headphones are crucial to get right for the 1st above mentioned reason. Although price for value comes 2nd for this post, I will link you to their prices.
  • Durability – Durability is something we should consider while looking for audio gear. All of the 3 studio studio headphones that you’ll see below are durable to death, so I won’t mention durability in the separate sections again. I would never create a list with hardware that breaks in weeks, so all three get 9.5/10 on durability tests.

Best Studio Headphones For Mixing

In this chapter, I will sort the headphone list in Simply The Best Order. This will be the chapter that I will explain thoroughly why I prefer one another and add links from famous engineers that swear by some of these headphones below.

Right after this chapter I will add a Price For Value Order and an Expensive To Cheap Order to better help you decide what’s the right headphones for you.

1. Sennheiser HD 600

These are the Sennheiser HD 600 headphones and my all time favorites. These are the current ones I use to mix and master along with my studio monitors.

They are as true to the sound as my monitors, clear with fantastic depth and balanced frequency response. Will Putney mixed a number 1 record entirely on these headphones and explains the reasons he’d chosen these particular headphones.

At first I thought this was a marketing trick from Sennheiser, but once I got them I knew they were speaking the truth. These are the most frequency-balanced and convenient mixing studio headphones I’ve ever used.

Click here for reviews and prices.

2. Sony MDR-7506 Professional


These are the Sony MDR-7506 Professional my 2nd favorites. I won’t lie, these were the 1st headphones I have ever tried because of their cheaper price but their quality is awesome for their money.

I can easily say these studio headphones have the best value for money ratio. I won’t hide the fact that if it wasn’t for the hype of the sennheisers, I may had never tried anything else since I had learnt how they translate to other systems.

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s hard to find headphones that beat these ones. Tight budget with great balanced sound that’s easy to learn and durable as f**k? I’d get them anytime.

Click here for reviews and prices.

3. Sony MDR-7509 HD


These are the last headphones in my top 3 series and they’re called Sony MDR-7509 HD. This was my 2nd buying attempt to test out something new.

I was greatly fine with the 7506s but I saw HD in the title and thought to give them a try, you can say I was a marketing victim ha-ha! This purchase had taken place before I knew about the Sennheisers which were my 3rd and final purchase.

I wouldn’t recommend you to get these as your primary headphones, cause they’re similar to the 7506s, but they’re a bit more expensive and less balanced. They’ve got a gentle boost on the high end which makes the top end really loud compared to the other frequency ranges.

The only reason I would maybe get them would be as secondary studio headphones. Since they’re sensitive in the high end, if your highs are not harsh in these headphones, then you know that you mixed them perfectly. But still, I would not die to get them.

Price For Value Order

Now that I explained my feelings about each one and you know why I prefer one another, please allow me to put them into a price for value order to help you decide, even more, what’s best for you.

  • 7506 – Clear price for value winner.
  • HD600 – Expensive but still better than the 7506.
  • 7509HD – Meh…

Expensive To Cheap Order

And here’s also a list sorted by price only. No quality is taken into consideration in the list below.

  • HD600 – Worths every penny.
  • 7509HD – Meh again.
  • 7506 – The cheap hd600 alternative.

Final Thoughts

Here are my top 3 tried and tested studio mixing headphones. I highly recommend you to go and test them out yourself in a music store. Just get a commercial song of a genre that you love mixing and listen to it through these headphones.

I suppose if you googled your way here you don’t have a music store near you, so you must have looked for some opinions online. My opinion is that I would go with the Sennheisers with my eyes closed. If budget is an issue then the Sony MDR7506 win.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my post about monitors too. I’ve got some reviews in the monitor post that I think you will like it!

Take care and have fun recording in your home studio! See you on the next video or post.

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1 thought on “Best Studio Headphones For Mixing & Mastering

  1. Smurf Reply

    I am sure that you like these, but it is doing a dis-service to your readers to not mention the ATH-M40fs or 40x….THE best mid-range in the headphone world, period, IMHO.

    These are the flattest headphones I have EVER used, and since I started using them my mixes have stepped up 5 or 6 notches, esp in the vocal / electric guitar areas.

    The M30’s are also good, and I would take even them over the M50’s…the M50’s are hypes a little too much on both ends of the spectrum to our ears.

    Nice site, I am going to enjoy surfing it!

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