Bass Drum EQ & Compression – Mixing Kicks Tutorial

Hello and welcome to the Bass Drum EQ & Compression – Mixing Kicks Professionally guide.
I will show you how to mix a bass drum professionally and make it cut through the mix.

First, I will post the YouTube video and below it I will give a quick explanation of what I did in the video, but in text. Some subscribers asked me to do that sometimes, cause they help them keep notes.

Nothing beats the video-audio combination though, so if you decide to read today, please make sure to actually watch the video for best results. I promise the info you’ll find will make your home recording mixes a lot better.

Let’s begin!

Bass Drum EQ & Compression – Watch in 1080p!

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Some Notes

1) The Waves NLS is a fantastic piece of software which emulates real analog consoles. If you don’t own it please don’t fret. The difference is small as seen in the video.

2) Fabfilter EQ is one of my favorite equalizers with the most intuitive interface in my opinion. Make sure to add it to your home recording studio collection!

3) The SSL Channel is a simulator of the real analog console. It sounds fantastic. It’s worth the money if you’re into SSL mixing, but you can do the same things with free plugins too. Yes it will take a bit more time, but still is achievable! If I were you and had some money to invest, I would get it.

4) The L1 Limiter from Waves, is my favorite limiter of all time. It can sound extreme where it needs to, and also sound like it’s not even there, but still taking out the less musical peaks. Please watch the video for a fuller demonstration.

5) The multi-band compressor is a must for mixing modern low end. I just compress the heck out of the low end and make it tighter while shaving the unnecessary peaks. Sounds better and being able to be louder? 2 birds with 1 stone!

This is pretty much what I do to my bass drum guys, hope you like it!

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4 thoughts on “Bass Drum EQ & Compression – Mixing Kicks Tutorial

  1. Jordan Reply

    Great overview here. I’ve always thought that the key to a good song is how the drums are mixed. It kind of makes or breaks a song for me!

    • Paschalis Post authorReply

      Can’t agree more! If you can get the drums and bass mixed properly, then you’re already in half the battle! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. Avari Reply

    Thanks Paschalis your videos has help me a lots in my mixing…honestly, I’m making progress in production. Do you have a video how to mix a bass to make fat and clear? Thanks

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