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join-our-community-forumI’ve started this blog with a vision to help independent music producers, artists & bands record, mix and master their own tracks to reach the commercial sounding level.

The first private e-mails asking for help were easy to manage, but as the blog started to gain some recognition, it was really hard for me to respond to each one.

And then I thought:

“Since we exchange so much valuable information privately… Why don’t I make it public to help more home recording enthusiasts? Chances are many people are looking for those kind of answers”.

So here’s our brand new forum. Go ahead and create a free account!

You’ll be able to even catch up names like John, Chris, Nick, cause it’s really brand new, so all the names are available!

I am waiting you there, to discuss, have fun and share our home recording love!

Join the community! See you there!


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