Amplitube 3 Metal Preset Download – Peavey 5150 Tone

Here I am using Amplitube 3 to create a metal preset so you can download it for free. I’ve used the Amplitube’s Peavey 5150 amp for this test.

I’ve also used some post-processing on the guitar group, like EQs and stuff and I am going it to share them with you.

Important: Just because I will share the exact settings of each plugin does not mean that you will need to follow blindly the settings on each mix of yours. Plus, if you’re going to use the exact settings for a different project with your own guitar chances are that your sound will differ (guitar wood and new strings do alter the sound). You can download and import your preset if you like and my recommendation is to use it as a starting point and go from there. Feel free to share your presets or ask for presets here. Have fun!

Amplitube 3 metal – The Sound:

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The Preset:

Download Here!

How To Import/Load Amplitube User Presets

Just copy-paste the preset(s) inside:

C:\Program Files (x86)\IK Multimedia\AmpliTube 3\Presets folder.

It may differ if you’ve installed amplitube in a different folder.


As you can see in the video I am using some plugins for post-process. It’s nothing critical just some EQ cuts to blend the sound into the mix.

We all know that guitar are a pain in the, you know where, to make them sit in the mix, so let me show you what I did for this particular mix.


Here I cut some annoying frequencies, especially in the low mid area where you can find lots of mud and boominess.

You should not copy-paste this to every project cause if you have a better guitar you may not need to do much (or do more if your guitar lacks new strings for example).

amplitube 3 metal presets 1

In the image below, I am cutting some high mids and some “fizz” that unfortunately most of the digital amps have.

amplitube 3 metal presets 2

In the image below, I am boosting some highs cause the sound was too dark to work in a mix after all these cuts.

So I cut some annoying frequencies using narrow-medium Q and then I added back some highs with a more gentle Q (trying to emphasize the “good high” frequencies since the bad ones were removed).

You may ask why I am not using a high-shelf EQ and I am using the PSP Microwarmer.

I find it to be more gentle to ears for brightness. If you don’t own it just find an EQ with a smooth high shelf. Most EQs will work though.

amplitube 3 metal presets 3


I did not need to compress much since electric guitars are usually compressed from the amps/cabs.

So for this example, I just compressed the low mids, to make them a bit tighter.

amplitube 3 metal presets 4

And as final step I added a bit of limiting to catch the sudden peaks. Nothing crucial, just some limiting here and there.

Beware though, limiters are ultra hard compressors it’s really easy to kill the sound and punch, so make sure it doesn’t limit continuously, but just the highest sudden peaks that’d got nothing musical to offer.

amplitube 3 metal presets 5

Hope you liked the preset!

Experiment, have fun and as always let your ears decide about the settings not my images or anyone’s images!

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