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Best Vocal Mic For Home Recording: Under $350

Today I’ll share with you my beloved microphones that give you a commercial sounding sound with less than $350. The first mic below is being used by many famous producers and singers, including Serj Tankian by SOAD and it’s the best vocal mic in this price range. In this post I’ll show you my favorite mic that can […]


Condenser VS Dynamic Microphones – Differences

Welcome to the Condenser VS Dynamic Microphones post. Today we’ll talk about these 2 huge microphone types and their main differences. In the end of the post I will link you to my favorite microphone lists. For now let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of each microphone type. Condenser Microphones Condenser mics are one of the […]


What Is An Audio Interface Used For – Definition

Welcome to the What Is An Audio Interface Used For – Definition post. Today I’ll explain what an audio interface does, its main purposes and the reasons we can’t use our default windows or mac audio card for music production purposes. Let’s start by giving a simple and non-technical definition of what an audio interface does. Definition Our […]


Best Studio Headphones For Mixing & Mastering

Welcome to the Best Studio Headphones For Mixing & Mastering post. Today I’ll show you the most popular and trusted headphones to mix and master music in 2015. I will recommend 3 major studio headphones in this post. These are the main points I’ve taken into account while creating this list: True sound – By true sound, I mean that […]


Gain Staging – How To Do It The Proper Way

Gain staging is the one of the easiest and most crucial tasks in your home recording studio adventure. It takes only 2 seconds to implement properly and it’s so easy that many people don’t really care about it. The results of not caring about gain staging can make our lives harder during mixing, so let’s learn […]


SSL Bus Compressor – Using Mix Bus Compression

Welcome to the SSL Bus Compressor Tutorial. In this video, we’ll talk about how to use mix-buss compression using not only the ssl compressor from waves, but also compress with any kind of compressor including your stock plugins. The reason I’ll use the SSL for this guide is because many people asked me to, but this does not mean that […]


Fat Snare Drum EQ, Compression & Reverb – Mixing Snares Tutorial

Hello, today we’ll see how to get a fat snare using snare eq, compression and a couple of reverb plugins. Any VST plugin will do, even stock ones, you don’t need to get the ones I’m using in the video. Since I’m using a plugin that you may not use, I’ll explain exactly what it […]


Presonus Studio One 3 – Official YouTube Video

Hello, I’d like to let my readers know that Presonus Studio One 3 is out. Presonus has uploaded a mini-video on YouTube that shows you the main enhancements of this fantastic DAW. My first impression out of this video was: Why did you change the GUI? Why Presonus why?!! Why did you fix what wasn’t broken?! I love this interface! Fortunately for me, […]


How To Master A Song At Home – Mastering Is Hyped [Controversial]

Welcome to the How To Master A Song At Home – Mastering is Hyped post. We’ll talk about mastering music and I will share with you some personal opinions of mine about mastering audio. Before I share with you my mastering tutorials I’d like to express some thoughts about mastering and first and foremost explain: What is Mastering and we can […]


Audio Headroom – How To Create More In Your Mix

Welcome, today we’ll talk about audio headroom and how we can create more of it in our mixes. It’s really easy to do and it can be accomplished with stock plugins too, so there’s no need to use third party ones. Before we dive in we must understand that headroom can be achieved during recording and mixing. […]

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